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Weekly reading for Monday 26th December 2022

The healing card is sacral chakra.

Look after your lower body. Eat properly to gain strength. Upset stomachs due to stress and bowl conditions need to be cared for.

Your inner gut feelings need to be attended to also because this is were your inner most connection to getting spiritual energy is coming from.

Pangs of insecurity and deep feelings need healing.

This week's reading is up and down.

Delayed communication of all kinds are shown. But you will eventually get them sorted.

Someone wants to reconnect with you, this is a strong minded person who feels the past can be brushed under the carpet, but they can't.

You have a lot of intuition and will totally see through anyone's plans. They may have dismissed your feelings in the past and are feeling sorry for themselves now. Don't dismiss your gut feeling!

Children could also be creating upheaval around you but, it won't last so try to stay calm. Don't play to other people's games now, just be yourself and find your own inner balance.

New year plans will work for travel and also house moves. Stick to the plan and try not to get drawn in to stress.

Some work changes are also going to be ok so push yourself to get work sorted sooner rather than later.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day and that the spirit of Christmas stays with you all year.

Generosity, peace and love are the foundations of inspiration and hope. Xx

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4 Kommentare

26. Dez. 2022

Thank you x

Gefällt mir

Thank you

Gefällt mir

☺️Spot on - as always! Xx

Gefällt mir

Thank you 😊.. X

Gefällt mir
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