In store

As a spiritual learning suppler we have a wide a range of tarot, fairy, oracle and goddess cards. 

We stock over 100 different herbs, aromatherapy oils and incense.

 Also, we have a great selection of crystals, geodes and crystal jewellery too. 

Our book range spans from psychic knowledge and learning to paranormal, pagan,Wicca and the occult.  as well as spells, crystal bibles and natural healing.


as we Encourage the use of white magic and asking the universe for help and guidance, we sell all your required practice tools.. Alter tools , crystal balls, cauldrons, Ouija boards, wands, Inks and quills, wax stamps and UK made hand dipped candles.

 Remember, If there's something we don't stock,don't hesitate to enquire about it,as we may be able to source it for you...