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Weekly Reading for Monday 20th June 2022

The week may start with a negative feeling. You are a strong and loyal person so don’t get drawn into others negative views. I feel that others may try to push you into situations your not ready for. Don’t listen to sarcastic opinions as it will muddled you and get you down. You must do what you need for yourself first, so don’t let others make you feel that they come first.

Over the last month or so, you may have been doing a lot of thinking about your long term needs. You might want to sort a spouse or family issues out, but It will take two. There might still be muddles over the coming weeks, so stay strong. You alone know what your looking for, Happiness.

The other side to this is that long term love will for fill you and love can mend anything that is hurt or broken. You also have wonderful work success and much luck with Jupiter.

Take every opportunity now becomes life is moving with or without you.

Have a lovely week. Xx

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