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Weekly reading for Monday 20th February 2023

This week's healing card is emotional balance!. Stability and inner harmony will bring peace, allowing life to flow properly. Look after your own needs first.

You might be feeling muddled about the past, you want to let go one minute then can't let go because you feel insecure about the future.

It's a crossroads and your stood looking forward not backwards, so please just keep going. The more you distance yourself from the past the stronger your be.

You may not of had the support or loyalty you needed back then but you've learnt to support yourself. This has been a big step for you and the rest of the journey will just keep getting better.

You have lots of luck on your side now. Financial concerns will work out also, xx

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Happy Easter

May you have a lovely day filled with calmness, love and reflection. Xx

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Cara Teale
Cara Teale
22 févr. 2023

Thanks Eileen, just what I needed to hear. X


Thank you so much 😊


Thank you 🙏

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