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Weekly reading for January 2nd 2023

Todays healing card is insight.

This card is asking you to evaluate any situation before offering your services. Have an understanding of how things can effect you first before others. It seems you are waking up about your own needs because previously you would have always put others first. They may not have put you first though. You will become aware of what others want even if they are not saying it out loud.

This weeks reading is telling you to hold on. Prioritise your goals.

You may have felt isolated and down and looking at the same four walls could make you feel trapped. This situation would be bad for your health. This is going to change. Don't put yourself out for others just to change your own circumstances.

You have major luck coming in soon and friends will offer to help, if you ask them. You have success with work and that is good for your security. There are some changes coming for others but you can't be everywhere, doing everything.

You are being asked to take a step back for your own sake and also if you give your time away, you may loose money in some way and not regain it.

There is justice for others but it is up to them to seek the correct support. They will sort their own situations out and have the success and support they are looking for. They will get the justice they are looking for.

Concentrate on your professional needs because this year shows big success if you concentrate on your own goals.

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Happy Easter

May you have a lovely day filled with calmness, love and reflection. Xx


Jan 06, 2023

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