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Weekly reading for 16th May 2023

The healing card is physical health.

You may be looking to make your body physically stronger at the moment. You need some vitality and balance. Look at diet, physical activity and positive thinking. If your worried about body image, then don't, having a strong body is more important than what you think of yourself. As it will also improve.

This week Tarot.

You are going to receive news about love and romance!

The person messaging you is getting in a pickle because they are frustrated and over thinking about the situation. Their words may seem straight forward but underneath they are complicated.

This person does want what you want, love, relationship, and new beginnings. It's just hard for them to find the right words.

They may have a few issues to do with money, property and lack of support, so this is what they are really frustrated with, not you. They will sort out their issues and you will have a loving relationship together, but might take a bit of time to get there.

Your wishes will be for filled so stay on track. Keep a methodical mind because you will win . Xx

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