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Reading August 29th 2021

Angel Answers

If you have already pick your card….

card 1

card 2

card 3

don’t change your mind….

go with your choice.

Or choose 1, 2 or 3 now Before proceeding.

Card 1 is “ Within the next few weeks”

What you want will occur, It involves other peoples free will too, so it all about timing. The puzzle will come together.

Card 2 is “ Ask for help from others”

Don’t do everything alone. Get professional advice or just a helping hand. Your plans will succeed but you do need others in someway so you can move forward.

Card 3 is “ Big Happy Changes”

It’s possible to have a new career, new relationship or new home. Take a leap of faith. The opportunities will bring you happiness. These options would not present themselves unless you were ready for them.


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