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Tarot blog. 15th May 2024

If you’ve been feeling like someone has knocked the stuffing out of you, then don’t worry, you will regain your positive posture!!

You seem to be putting on a brave face for the world to see but, deep down there is an insecurity about finances and the future.

I’m very please to be able to tell you that things will look up soon. You have a boost of luck and there are opportunities on the horizon. You will have to pull yourself together a little because your going to need to dig out your intelligence to make some decisions on your choices. However you can gain something that you feel you have lost in the past. Please don’t swim against the tide of life just for the sake of being stubborn. Relax and just go with it for now and make a decision that is in your own best interests. Your financial security will recover and you have people to support you if you let them. I know you can turn a corner, so just drive on the road if life with the window down and some energetic must to inspire you


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Sally C
Sally C
15 mai

Go with the flow 👌🏼😅💜🙏🏼

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