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Weekly Reading for Monday 17th October 2022.

Todays Healing card is intelligence. You are being asked to be flexible with yourself at the moment. You may feel that you have to be perfect with everything and every type of learning. You will be putting added pressure on your own shoulders so, please be patient with yourself. You are intelligent and you will accomplish what you have to do.

This weeks reading is linking to the past in someway. It seems you are ready to move forward now so, don't let past issues or mistakes hold you back. You have a clean slate to work on now.

Take that step back from the past and move forward. Your humour is fabulous and you will be feeling beautiful inside.

If your feeling insecure with family especially a daughter or if your the daughter, it will all be ok and the situation will be sorted in the coming months.

If your the mother, try not to let the rest of the family influence your own decision over a daughter or a son. Upsets at home could be driving you crazy, so make a stand and be clear of what you need.

Don't give money away to someone who doesn't care how hard it was to obtain it in the first place.

Sending calmness to you this week. Xx

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Oct 17, 2022

Thank you 🙏

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