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Working with your Chakras

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Start with a prayer

I call upon the eternal light, my guides, loving spirit family and angels to protect me as I work.

Help me to see and feel the divine love you send to me.

You can choose any loving pray you like.

Take a few deep breaths then just breath normally.

Visualise a golden light in the center of your stomach. Push it downwards into the legs, feel and down to the center of the earth, this is grounding, it stops your mind from floating off.

When working with Chakras we always start at the bottom, the base. this is red, Visualise a red flower or sphere. See it turning and growing bigger. Just keep pushing it out into your whole body and into the room, then out into the world or the universe. Then move up to the Sacrel chakra, It’s just under the belly button, this is orange and you do the same.

Then move up to the solar plexus chakra, this is just above the belly button, this yellow, do the same. Then move up to the heart chakra in the center of your chest. This is green. Green is for healing but you can use pink for love if you need self love. Again, see the chakra growing and push the energy out. Then move up to your throat, this is sky blue, do the same. Then move up to your third eye in the center of your forehead. Visualise an indigo, blue purple.

do the same but, as you concentrate you may see images, faces or strong colour. Just keep watching and you hopefully you will see one eye, that’s your third eye. Then move up to the crown and at the top of the head, visualise a soft lilac. Do the same.

By the time you’ve finished you will be in a multi coloured Aura. Just sit in the energy and concentrate. It will heal and connect you.


when you’ve finished or are ready to come out you must close each chakra.

You do this by working from the top down. see the crown chakra getting smaller and smaller, I like to see an invisible energy covering it. Just to keep it safe when it’s closed. Work your way down each chakra until they are all closed.

Rub you hands together to close the hand energy portals and stamp your feet to do the same.

Working with your chakras can heal you, make you think more positively and can balance you.

your welcome to join my Sitting in the Aura zoom meeting on October 27th. I will be going through the chakras for deep activation. xx

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Thankyou xx


Thank you Eileen for sharing this xx

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