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Weekly Tarot Reading for Monday 3rd of October 2022.

This weeks reading is about emotions.

The healing card is showing you emotions that

could be all over the place. You could go through mood swings and lack of focus because of how you feel inside. Try to find some balance if possible. This is due to the overflow of others feelings and inconsistencies.

Please don't criticise yourself this week. You might also feel like you need to speak your mind but, it could all come out in a negative way. Best to try and keep it to yourself until your more focused.

There is upheaval around the home, but it will all calm down soon. I get the feeling that a mother or motherly person could try pushing you around. Please be patient. It seems like you just can't please everyone and that is true. You just need to stay focused on pleasing yourself because your the most important person in your own life.

Whatever happens, you will get your head back on straight and feel secure again. You will regain your organised approach and win out.

As November approaches please think about learning or studying because opportunities are coming up around then. You might need to be in a communication role because it seems your a people person.

Sending love and calmness to you all. Xx

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03 de out. de 2022

Thank you. X

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