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Weekly Tarot Reading for 12th September 2022

Today’s healing card is retreat.

You may feel out of sorts at the moment or have a sense of unwanted energy. Take some time out to regenerate yourself. You could feel like you don’t want to interact with others.

A bit of stress around this week. It seems that others are also feeling the pressure.

You may not get straight answers or the cooperation that your looking for.

You or someone else could be living in the past at the moment and it could be difficult to shake of negative thought patterns. They won’t last for long so please try to push them aside. The restrictions will lift and you should get things sorted out by the weekend.

If your waiting for all forms of communication they will come but you might have to chase the important ones.

Please stay up beat, if possible as the negative will lift and you should start to feel better soon. Xx

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Sep 17, 2022

Thank you. X

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