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Weekly Reading November 14th 2022

The healing card represents Divine Consciousness.

Your divine consciousness is about to expand and you can feel the peace your looking for. All it takes is making the time to connect. Put yourself in the white light of the divine and you will find the tranquility of spirit. They love you unconditionally.

It looks like a slightly stressful week, but your first card is the world. This is your main card and it predicts success in all its forms regardless of what happens.

There seems to be a communication coming from a father figure. This could be a spiritual link with a farther or a father in the physical world.

They are looking for your forgiveness because of a situation that has caused them to be angry. Division in the family would have made the situation difficult for them and you.

If this is a spiritual link, just sit and listen because you will receive solutions from this father figure. Or

A physical communication will provide you with their explanation and could help you.

There also seems to be a problem with a child and education but with negotiation you can help them to overcome their insecurities and move forward.

Someone is forgetting to tell the truth, you must be a sleuth to find what's hiding from you.

Listen and view everything before committing because they may baffle you. Use your gut feelings and then you will find the solution.

Stay strong, sending love. Xx

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Nov 15, 2022

Thank you x

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