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Weekly reading for Tuesday 14th February 2023

The presence of love will always cast out fear.

Todays healing card is inner child. Finding one's innocence is not easy as life can make us hard. With a playful spirit to open our sense of wonder to heal us.

Todays reading is about family. If you have a child that has become distant or you feel distant from your family, there is a remedy.

New opportunities will come to help heal a rift but, it will take some effort. New beginnings, smiles and loyalty can be established.

A restriction from a partner could be helping to cause some of the issues around you. You can't fix everyone or everything so just fix things one at a time. They might need to look after their health and improvements will come if they do.

Each smile you receive is a smile in the right direction.

Look after yourself because there is new learning with work opportunities and you need to balance everything, you can do it.

Have a lovely week xx

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Thank you. X

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