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Weekly Reading for Monday 5th September 2022

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Todays healing card is Intelligence.

If you’ve wanted to push yourself with your learning, now is a brilliant time to think about what you want to do. Education of any kind will benefit you. You have already learnt a great deal either from life or previous education. Your knowledge is able to help yourself and others. Just be flexible and open to any opportunities you receive. Make it a wonderful and magical experience for yourself as you step into expansion.

This weeks reading shows three areas.

First, it seems you have a playful nature wishing to escape. There is a happy and mischievous side to you and it can bring the best out in other people. You are a very loyal friend and you have the ability to push people in the correct direction. Your intuition is flowing over and you too will go in the direction your soul wants you to go. Trust.

Second, if there has been a breakup, then it needs to be left in the past because somethings just can’t be fixed, especially old partners. It shows a person that will not let go, even if you have. They will be depressive and give a fuse image of themselves. Trust your intuition.

Third, be careful of any legal dealings and do not pay money out unless you know where is going. I’m shown a couple, a male and female trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Be careful. They may seem to be professional but look closer and do your homework. However you will come out of the situation unscathed.

Sorry this blog is late this week. Hope your all fine xx

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Thank you Eileen. Love your readings! Hope you are well too Xxx

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