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Weekly reading for Monday 7th November 2022

Today's healing card is Solar plexus chakra.

You are being asked the look after your stomach. You may be eating to feed your stress. If so, cut out some of the sugar and fats and try to eat fresher foods. Or it could cause pains and bowl issues. Also, drink plenty to wash unwanted bacteria out of your system.

This week's reading is giving reassurance. There seems to be enough money coming in and going out, as long as you don't go to crazy and purchase unnecessary items that are not really needed.

There seems to be reconciliations with someone who has previously let you down. The communication with them is positive but, don't let them sway you into something you may not be ready for. There seems to be deep feelings to and from them but please state your case and be clear about what you want.

You could both be feeling lonely and isolated but the future will get better. The karmic decisions you make now could work well. Your soul knows what it needs even if your head doesn't.

You definitely have love and financial security in your future but take time to think about what's important to you.

Have a lovely calm week xx

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