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Weekly reading for Monday 6th March2023

Todays healing card is connection no 1!

There is a wider world of people out there, looking to make a connection with you. They can bring the love and support your looking for.

Healing card no2!

Discover the secrets behind the light, start your life today.

Both cards are connected. Being in the light brings you what you need, either spiritualy or in general. Don't miss opportunities.

This weeks tarot is saying changes with others around you.

You may have some unfinished business but please stay positive. Other people restrictions could cause you to want to back off from them. If they are not honest about their motives you will know what's really going on. In many ways they could be holding on to inner insecurities and causing you trauma.

Stay calm, because you are going to decide that you deserve more.

More love, more security, more happiness and positivity.

Other peoples hold ups should not hold you up too.

Make your mind up about what you want and move forward.


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Thank you. X

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