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Weekly Reading for Monday 5th December 2022

Todays healing card is WILL.

You are being asked to move slowly to your destination. Express yourself clearly, be assertive, keep your self control and focus on the direction you want to go. Slowly and surely you will accomplish what you want.

Todays reading is showing a lot of success.

Over the winter period your emotions could be up and down. To other people you will be funny and mischievous but, deep down you could feel muddled and lonely. This is a healing period for you and you will come through. To some degree, you will have to cut ties with the past. If you want to move forward you will need to let go of everything that preoccupies your mind, especially any past people that you no longer need.

It could be you or another that keeps the past ties in place, but is it really doing you any good??

The other person could come into some money, will they think of you or themselves first?

Everything is a test!

You have a lot lining up for your future so, get ready for a new chapter. Financial security, new love and good health.

If someone gets angry with you because your are flourishing, that's their problem. Please don't let them put you off moving forward or loose your enthusiasm.

Sending you calmness this week. Xx

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