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Weekly Reading for Monday 4th July 2022

This week’s healing card is Inspiration.

You may have ideas flooding in about almost anything. You can make a big change or be a little impulsive to move forward. A little idea can grow into something wonderful, so dream as much as possible and go for it.

This week’s reading predicts many new beginnings. In the period leading up to the end of summer you will have brilliant opportunities. Don’t give in to thinking negatively about the past, particularly family issues as it will hold you back. You have luck on your side and finances will support your needs. There is also a new direction in life if your prepared for change. Your logic is also spot on in this period so please stay focused.

Love is also well highlighted for you. Just be yourself, the kind and loyal person you are will pay dividends.

One small negative to watch out for is..

A bossy older person could be critical and unsympathetic to your needs. They always seem to be in a bad mood for some reason so your not going to change them. They may be demanding just to be difficult. You can’t be in two places at once so think about yourself first, then attend to helping them.

Have a fab week. Xx

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