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Weekly reading for Monday 31st October 2022.

Today's healing card is visualisation. Manifest your hearts desire. Focus your imagination on the future outcome you want or need. With practice your manifestation will happen.

Todays reading is a blessing because if you or someone close is looking to have a baby then it will happen. This can be a surprise pregnancy.

It does seem that you may need support in some way so, don't be so proud to struggle on by yourself.

A big timing is shown for February or March 2023.

Keep your feet in the ground because it also shows problems with others. A women is living in the past and just can't seem to move on. Please don't let this effect you. They want to cause an indirect issue, let someone else sort them out.

Look after the finances because 2023 is going to be a big year with love, happiness and success, saving money is the key.

Seems you have a magic touch so spread the love and most importantly don't forget yourself. Xx

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