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Weekly reading for Monday 29th August 2022

Today’s healing card is Choice. With will power and courage you can change your direction. Time to think about the future and being fulfilled. What would really make you happy??

This weeks reading is pushing you to be assertive because there are big changes coming. Let go of the past because you have a new beginning that can work out for you. Temperance brings balance with life, health and love. You have good people around you and they are willing to support you.

Someone has made you feel unloved and undervalued, time to rise up above those feelings and prove them wrong.

You have a decision to make about love, this can work out for you if you stop being blinkered and fearful. The future can be scary, just know that you will end up where your supposed to. If it doesn’t work, then that was supposed to happen too.

But, you do have the world that will help you succeed, because it’s your time now. Go for it. Xx

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Angela Hampshire
Angela Hampshire

Beautiful reading

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