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Weekly Reading for Monday 28th November 2022.

The healing card is Dreams.

There are different types of dreams and this weeks could be stressful. You will receive messages, signs, symbols and guidance from your dreams. If they are stressful in any way, you are actually letting out stress from your subconscious mind. Trust that you are healing and not making predictions from your dreams.

This is because of what's happening around you ....

This weeks reading is stressful but it's all about a difference of opinion at work. Or being in the middle of a stressful work situation.

Between now and February you will have the chance to sort out work situations. Your work is secure and you seem to be quite happy just plodding along.

However, things can turn quite quickly if you get angry. Please remember that no one is indespable.

You might be working harder than normal to catch up with demand or your are being given more work responsibilities than normal. You might feel exhausted and irritated by the situation.

Please be real and don't expect to much from your boss' because they could be under the same pressure.

You could loose your temper and say your throwing your job in, no, no, no.

Keep your cool, listen to what others have to say, smile and back off.

Five minutes of madness is not worth you throwing your career away.

You are very switched on and know your job. You are liked and that's the reason people trust you. It will turn out ok. So just stay calm and talk quietly when stating your case because others will then listen to your opinion.

Sending you calm vibes this week and much love. Xx

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Nov 30, 2022

Thank you x


Spot on as always! Thank you!


Wow this is so true atm thank you as always

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