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Weekly reading for Monday 27th February 2023.

This weeks healing card is Money.

This means financial abundance, power and generosity. Financial stability is coming, so get ready.

This could be a steady flow of money or a windfall. Either way the power of money is coming, please think positively.

This weeks reading is bringing happiness, security and love. You will have someone seeking you out, keep your eyes open for this opportunity.

They can be a bit shy but they are very kind and loving. They want a new opportunity with you and I don't think they will give up too easily.

You are being asked to get organised because early spring could bring you happiness. You could also sort out some sibling issues if you have any.

You may be making travel plans and a lot of organising will take place, exciting!!

One minor issue is that trouble could exist in previous relationships. Financial, property and anxiety all need sorting, this is were you need to get things straight. Don't be to soft hearted with someone who hurt you. Xx

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❤️ 🤞🤗


Thank you x


Thank you Eileen Xxx


Cara Teale
Cara Teale

Gosh I do hope this is for me Eileen, I’m so over beg,steal and borrowing. Xx



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