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Weekly Reading For Monday 25th July 2022.

The healing card is FAITH.

Just know that you are being supported at this time. Keep the faith in all you do because miracles do happen. Your spiritual faith will not let you down because everything happens for a reason.

You are about to turn a corner. Lots of conversations with supportive people who see your point of view. Communication will come and your going to be judged in a fabulous way, this will bring you the success your looking for.

Please try not to get down hearted if it takes a bit longer than you want.

You have a playful person around you and they seem so wrapped up in what they are doing, that this might make you feel slightly forgotten, but your not. They are working hard for you also. This other person might seem a bit aggressive at times and the situation might put a wall between you.

But with your brilliant opportunities coming everything will turn around. You are both going through a learning time and it will all work out for you.

Have a great week. Xx

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