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Weekly reading for Monday 24th October 2022

The healing card is Connection.

Connect with other people because they could help you break a negative loop. There is lots of love out there for you and others may miss you if you've cut yourself off in someway.

Two main areas in this weeks reading, love and decisions.

If you have experienced trauma and upheaval in the past and your still healing from it, it's time to try and move forward.

You may be feeling lost and alone and unsure of your direction, this could be effecting your health.

Your are going to receive a communication from someone you have previously known. It seems they have deep feelings for you. If you feel in your heart that this is the person you would like to stay around then please don't push them away. They may not understand your past healing process.

They see you as a strong decisive person but may not realise you have your insecurities.

They will be offering you playfulness and joy of some kind. Try to open up if your not quite ready to move forward, but please explain why!!

Your soul will be pushing you towards them and your mind could be fearful. Follow your soul as it knows what's best.

This can be a relationship that could change your life for the better. You have a fresh start, love and success.

Have a positive

week and exspect surprises. Xx

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Cara Teale
Cara Teale

Thank you Eileen 😁

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