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Weekly reading for Monday 23rd January 2023

Todays healing card is honestly!

There might be things that you need to talk about with others. They may not truly understand you unless your open with them.


You may need to be honest about your own feelings, but might be to scared to accept how you feel. This could be to do with a situation you might want or need to change. Either way honestly is the best policy!

Todays reading is, don't be fooled by others sweet talk. You may have a strong character around you that just presumes your go along with their plans. Use your voice!

They are going to be successful and in some way you might be drawn to their success but, what about your own!

Being honest about your own brilliance as it maybe something you may not be pushing forward with. This will inevitably make feel an injustice is taking place.

Family may or has always come first , so step into the light and claim your own justice and direction.

It will be ok for you. Your path is just a head, take a step forward. Others may not want you to change but they will understand and respect your decision.

Sending love and positive direction to you this week. Xx

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Thank you. X

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