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Weekly reading for Monday 21st November 2022.

Todays healing card is third eye chakra.

Open your mind and intuition. Your third eye could be getting stronger and your inner vision can show you all sorts of images and visions.

It's for your guidance and direction even if you don't quite understand everything you see.

This weeks reading is giving encouragement not to worry. You could be feeling in a great mood but others could be dampening your enthusiasm.

They will make you feel up and down, so please don't give in to what they are doing or saying.

There is some hard work ahead but there is also success, fulfilment and love coming.

The other person will find their feet and they could exspect good change if they don't fight it. Seems they are fighting everything at the moment because they could be scared of change.

Some encouragement, love or sympathy could help them and you.

You still have everything going for you.

Sending love. Xx

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Nov 21, 2022

Thank you x

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