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Weekly Reading for Monday 1st August 2022

Today’s healing card is Inspiration.

Spirit is guiding you to think outside the box. You might feel like doing something you’ve never done before or go somewhere you’ve never been. You may also have a mind bubbling over with inspirational ideas.

Follow through because you will end up at the right place at the right time. Everything happens for a reason, keep the faith.

This week’s reading shows that you are strong and independent and you could be feeling a little angry or frustrated. Again think outside the box because being fixed may not work, flexibility is the answer. You have a lot of love and support coming your way to help you. If your dealing with professional negotiations of any type you could be worn out with waiting, but it will come right. You have Karma on your side. This means you will make the correct decisions and others will be forced to make the correct decisions too.

Keep smiling because you could have someone to deal with that’s very insecure and they could cause you trouble. They are not being truthful in someway and could cause upheaval and be very unsupportive to your needs. They are basically not being honest with themselves. It could be over money and they could also be taking advice from the wrong people. If they do this it will cause them to have setbacks, so they are not being practical. I see an older person ( women) being opinionated, but the situation has nothing to do with them. The person your dealing with could be saying someone else’s words.

Stay strong and have a lovely week. Xx

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Aug 09, 2022

Thank you. Trying to stay strong atm. X

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