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Weekly Reading for Monday 19th September 2022.

Today’s healing card is Passion!

Time to find that one thing that makes you passionate about life. Have fun, laugh, fulfilment and joy. Find that little spark that’s deep within your soul and ignite it, keep the flame going and you will grow and find yourself in that happy place.

This weeks reading tells me you really do know what you want. You are very intuitive and have wonderful communication skills. You are loyal and supportive of others, but anyone that lets you down had better be careful as you are likely to just walk away from them. This shows strength and courage. You will not want others to make your decisions for you and by winter you have more strength than you think.

Your mood is very out going and adventurous, some people won’t understand the new found life you have, but that doesn’t matter.

There is a current flame or a new flame that is passionate about you. Lots of talking and optimism from them. If they don’t move themselves you will be likely to get irritated by them. They could have an underlying health problem and could need your encouragement to fix it. There is love, romance and harmony coming, so just keep your balance.

Have a wonderful week. Xx

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20. Sept. 2022

Thank you xx

Gefällt mir
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