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Weekly reading for Monday 19th December 2022

Todays healing card is forgiveness.

When this card is shown, you are being asked to let go of a situation or a past person that you have outgrown. Time to heal now and be compassionate to yourself so that you can grow.

This weeks reading is about making new plans without self judgement.

There is a person around you that will say anything to keep some from of control over you. This might be a minor or major situation. If they do loose control over you they are likely to lie to keep the ties with you. Please think about your own motives and goals and don't let others influence you.

You are being drawn to make big changes to your health and business. Once the stress side of your life is removed you are going to progress and start to become the person that you want to be. I feel you could be an entrepreneur in the making, so think outside the box and don't give up. You could be retraining or doing new learning to complement the skills you already have.

There seems to be a new found hope in you for the future. You could be doing more travelling in the near future and it will lead you to success, either professionally or personally. If you are looking for love and romance there is also a positive change once you've sorted the past out.

There is a positive and optimistic new person coming. This could be linked to work or love. They will help you to find fulfilment and success because of the encouragement they give you.

You are a beautiful soul. Follow your dreams. Not other people's dreams for you. Or you will continue to feel there is something missing but, you may not know what it is that is missing.

Give yourself permission to be happy and successful in 2023. If that means big or small changes, I know you will get there. Xx

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