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Weekly reading for Monday 15th August 2022

Today’s healing card is Intuition.

You are being asked to trust your feelings as you are about to gain insight. Your awareness is very sharp at the moment and you need to listen to that little voice inside your mind.

If you’ve been asking for guidance, then it’s about to arrive.

This weeks reading is showing you changes from insecurities to growth.

If you’ve been feeling unsettled about a situation and you’ve just let it ride because you didn’t want to cause a problem, you will find changes coming.

A situation that has been haunting you will resolve itself because someone else will make a point and cause a rift. You then have the opportunity to go in the direction you really need to go.

You have fabulous success coming and people who know you well will help your success further. Lots of communication is coming your way and you will make some fabulous decisions.

Don’t get disappointed by the past, stay strong.

Have a lovely week xx

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Aug 16, 2022

Thank you. Feeling a little down today. Xx

Eileen Knight
Eileen Knight
Aug 16, 2022
Replying to

On the up soon lovely x

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