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Weekly reading for Monday 13th June 2022

The healing card is sound. Sound of music or silence is good to heal the mind and body. Use it to destress and calm yourself.

You are being asked to be assertive with your needs, direction and also with yourself. Between now and November you have some wonderful opportunities and you can succeed.

Think about your emotional needs too. You could be so busy at work or being obligated that you are forgetting the need to be loved. There are new love horizons coming, either with an existing love or a new one. If your working to much you could miss out.

There is an older man under some stress. He must be careful signing paper work or documents if he’s not sure what’s all about. You could be call on to look at things. Please do help as he needs some expertise.

You must also read any documents before signing them. Sometimes we are so busy we don’t fully read what’s important. You may regret accepting something you will not want later. Don’t be pressured and then do what feels good.

You have an exciting time with work opportunities, you are strong and decisive. You might feel you have to tackle everything yourself, but you don’t. Delegate so it takes some of the pressure off and it will allow you to be more relaxed. Do t forget your only HUMAN!

Have a lovely week.xx

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