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Weekly reading for Monday 12th December 2022

Todays healing card is Communication.

You are being asked to express your self and communicate with others. Your opinion counts, so please use it now. You can also share your thoughts with your guides because they will support you at this time.

This weeks reading is about change. How you see yourself and how others see you are two different things.

Others see you as independent and logical but at the moment you may not feel that way. You could have the feeling of being lost and unenlightened maybe even a little depressed and insecure. Over the coming weeks you will start to pick up and feel like your better self. You have some wished being granted, so please don't give up on the future.

It seems that you are going to grab people's attention. So get ready to smile and have fun. Also finances are improving. Your physical health is going to pick up but you must help yourself a little.

If you can't let go of a problem concerning another's then think logically and don't let it affect you, because you can't go back and change anything.

However the situation will improve and you may have success later, within a few months.

Have a lovely week. Eat, sleep and smile. The worlds a wonderful place because your in it. Xx

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May you have a lovely day filled with calmness, love and reflection. Xx


Cara Teale
Cara Teale
Dec 12, 2022

I love it!! Thanks Eileen xx


Dec 12, 2022

Thank you. X


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