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Weekly Reading for Monday 10th October 2022

Today's healing card is consciousness. You are being asked to place yourself in the light. In your mind, heart and environment. Be at peace, be one with the divine consciousness and expand your intuition and mind. This is good for healing and balance.

This weeks reading brings success.

You might be feeling the need to control everything around you but, you are being asked to just let go to some degree and trust.

If your not sure where your going, just know that you have success and justice on your side. You also have justice with property and security.

There could be a very outspoken person who just can't see your vision. Keep your own council because there is no pleasing them. You will be sorted in the next couple of months but, how you proceed now will determine your success.

Look after your health and don't let others interfere with your relationship. You both need to see things with optimism. Don't be afraid to do your own things.

Petty arguments could control the situation, so holding one's toung could be best lol.

Love and light to you this week.


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2 comentarios

Absolutely spot on and reassuring. Thank you xx

Me gusta

10 oct 2022

Thank you. X

Me gusta
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