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Weekly reading for May 24th 2023

This week's healing card is Sacrel Chakra.

Eating for good energy is important at the moment because it can help with stressful situations. Your energy levels may feel low at the moment and your bowl function could also be effected. Fruit and vegetables along with regular meal times will help.

This weeks Tarot is about possible changes. Opposition with someone at work could be difficult. Sometimes things come to an end so better things can happen. There seems to be stressful work situation that will sort itself out. A new job offer will be a stroke of luck and could end up being just what is needed. You are very self reliant and practical and you may be seeking fulfilment and better rewards. It will come.

If there is a split family, a child could possibly want to live with a different parent because they feel insecure, this may not sort out their needs and they will return to their proper environment. It could just be a holiday or they say they want to go but they will realise what they have now is better.

A time for all to be patient and calm because anger may make the situation worse. The child's needs must come first.

This change could be brought about by the news of a pregnancy and the child may feel pushed out. They will need constant reassurance to feel secure.

Sending lots of love for you and this situation. Xx

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