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Weekly reading for January 9th 2023

This week's healing card is love. You have a lot to give someone but also a lot to receive.

Kindness, benevolence, sharing and receiving is all part to making a loving relationship.

This could be with the special person or anyone around you. Looking good.

This weeks tarot is asking you not to give up. There seems to be frustrations and unenthusiastic feelings, either yours or someone else. You might feel like locking yourself away because others wind you up. Please stay strong as you both have lots to learn. Mainly that everything passes in time.

If you are criticised then you are most likely to be critical back and an never ending circle begins.

You have all the positives ingredients of love, loyalty and a positive direction, don't let anger get the better of you. With hard work and your own inner truth , you will win.


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Jan 11, 2023

Thank you x

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