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Weekly reading for 3rd April 2023

This weeks healing card is responsibility.

With some self discipline you can overcome your insecurities. It's a time to feel empowered and this can help you to fulfill your dreams.

This weeks tarot is bringing some shocks and surprises.

Unexspected suprises will make your head spin and you might feel like ignoring what's happening. You might just say that it's not happening to you!

It could also be something that's been very much on your mind and links with a past person or event. This is a challenge but it will work out if you don't back off.

You are going to receive some unexpected news. This news will come to your home and you might feel at six's and seven's. A charming person could be trying to reconnect with you. You have thought of them often but you would never of presumed that they could have thought of you. Well now you will know that they have!!

They are unsure of how to approach you but nevertheless they want to try. There seems to be a deep love attachment for them and you. Past events where just to difficult to sort out so things have never been cleared.

This person and you will need a leap of faith. They are very loyal and supportive if you allow them to be. They can be optimistic and fun, they love to travel and quite accodemic and knowledgeable.

They too have their own insecurities but are willing to take a chance, just encase you let them into your life. This might be the one and only chance you both get.

Go for it. Xx

Sorry I missed last week, very busy. Apologies xx

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