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Weekly reading for 16th January 2023

Sorry this is late this week!!

Todays healing card is creativity.

Your imagination could be doing overtime at the moment. Any form of art, writing or self expression is wonderful for you. You have a lot of original ideas and a passion that should be expressed and shared.

Give it a go.

This weeks reading is linked to karma.

You will make some soul decisions this week. The type of decisions that make you feel good inside. You also have a streak of luck to help you.

Also a spirit link with a father figure. A father or grandfather could be watching over you and helping you to find your place in this hard world that we live in. They have faith in you, so please keep the faith in yourself. On the earth plane they would have been a very strong and even an angry personality. But that, it seem what you need. A strong influence to push you forward. They will help you if you ask them!!

You have a new beginning and some lovely opportunities to come.

Don't resist love or the opportunity to love because it's an important time of change. Because of past changes and insecurities you might not want to give life another go. Please think about the happiness you could missing out on.

Also travel plans are in the air and just a change of scenery could do you good, no matter where your going to.

Anyone going on medical visits might also be pleasantly surprised by good results.


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May you have a lovely day filled with calmness, love and reflection. Xx

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