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Weekly reading. 22nd March 2023

The healing cards are love and present.

You are being supported by spirit loved one now. Love yourself, regain your strength and move forward with what would make you happy. Be aware that spirit is by your side, whispering in your ear with encouragement. Can you feel the warm breath on your skin?

There could be news of an older man having some upset and worry. He could be feeling very lost and isolated. It is not like him to get down and so it is more noticeable. There could be travel for you and this could help him greatly. This connection would bring you both closer together.

The house card is between two moons and this can represent security where you are or a secure move your planning. Time to move onwards and upwards.

If you are thinking of moving, it could be part of a plan to finally step away from an out worn relationship. There could still be friendship with them but, it's more like your now giving yourself permission to look at different alternatives for love!

A change of work could also happen for you, but this could be an idea, as it seems to of been on your mind a while.

Have a lovely week. Xx

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