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The Key

I meditate everyday and recently I’ve been given a key in my hand. It’s a large brass key with a very fancy almost Celtic knot at one end, it’s heavy and I can really feel the weight as I hold it.

There’s also a big brass lock on a door, you know the old fashioned type. I know they go together and when it’s unlocked I will find a new view on the other side.

I’m also shown that everyone has their own key and lock to open.

The message is. “ As you put the key in the lock and turn it, you cant see the mechanism moving. You can hear it click when you turn the key but, may have no idea of how it actually works. You can open the door or whatever you need to. Just because you can’t see something working doesn’t mean it’s not doing what it should. Quite often we just need faith even when trying to unlock the unknown. There is always a click or sign, so take notice “. Xx

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