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Tarot Reading for December 30th 2023

Todays healing card is Home

You will be feeling the need to be at home, it is the place of safety and warmth.

As the new year starts you might feel the need to change your home in someway. Either by decorating and changing the environment or a move of home could be on your mind. Either way it's going to bring the feeling of security and comfort to you.

Todays reading is connected to the past and could change your future if you let it.

It seems your health might be improving or you could be more heath conscious at the moment, don't make it a New Year's resolution but instead make it a positive way of living.

You might feel like closing the front door on the world, all you want is warmth and a good book or movie. This could be a time of deep reflection or spiritual re-connection. It's well worth the time to be in solitude.

There was a situation that has never been resolved for you and another person. You may have felt that walking away was the correct choice, however the other person still feels that they lost out and could be angry at themselves for letting you go.

This winter, by March there are signs that this other person wants to get in touch. This could have always been your secret wish that they would but, convinced yourself otherwise.

Do not let any childhood insecurity ruin your future now. You've out grown the past and you deserve to be loved, just let yourself be protected by someone else rather than your own defence mechanism.

This other person could not cope with rejection for a second time, so be very positive before you proceed. However, build a trusting friendship and let everything else develop in its own time.

Don't wait forever because it will bring regrets.

This other person could want or need to let go of their own unfulfilled relationship and you could be the positive reason that they make big bold changes. Not easy for them though.

You will find that once you both reconnect it will be easy, just like a day had passed and not all those years that you lived without each other.

I do hope this reading will give some of you that spark to reignite love that should have happened previously and be with the one that's written in the starts.

Happy 2024 everyone.

Love, health and prosperity to you. Xx

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