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Tarot reading 27th November 2023.

Todays reading links the past, present and the future.

It seems you are on the same wavelength as someone else. Your both very intelligent and intuitive but, your both afraid of being let down.

( the past) There seems to be unfinished business for both of your pasts. If you both want the samething and are prepared to overcome your insecurities, you can both win. Together.

There may need to be cutting of cords with the past. To do this we may need to walk away from what was dear to us. This is not the same as what's dear to us now. To grow and evolve, sometimes we need to seek a new direction, new ways of thinking and a new purpose.

We will always have what we truly need. Money, home, job ect. But what we deserve is happiness and love but, only if we give those things to ourselves.

May the universe bless your next steps. Xx

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