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Tarot Blog for November 16th 2023.

Today's healing card is Grounding.

Thoughts and emotions can be erratic at present. Fears can surface and keep the mind displaced.

Being in nature or connecting with the outside in some way can help. It will allow your focus to be calmer and more logical. If something has not effected you, then it means is won't effect you in the future either. Push your fears away and stay as positive as possible.

Today's Tarot

There seems to be a lot of criticism or outspokenness coming your way. This can only hurt you if you let it.

You might be worried over financial issues, but it does seem that in reality the finances will be ok. Keep calm.

Don't let someone else pick on you because they can't see the big positive picture.

Have the strength to see through their fear and emotions and try to help calm them if they will let you.

Grounded and logical words could save the day because there is a positive turning point very soon.

Those of you looking for a change of work, then your luck is in. Wishes being fulfilled by February.


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