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Reading September 4th 2021

There are new things to learn and your on the correct path but don’t try to rush it. Enjoy the new knowledge and skills that are coming your way. Use essential oils and flowers to give you natural support to keep you strong. If you have been indoors for two long, then it’s time to get out. Being in the same four walls is not doing you any good. Taking a daily break will revive your faith and feed your soul. Don’t let another day go by without being in nature.

You are very independent, yet you need the fun that life can offer. Now is the time to balance your solitude and interaction with others. Pay attention to your cats and it could be possible there could be a new one. You have their independent qualities.

There could be deep rooted thoughts and situations that may give you the feeling you’ve done something before even if you haven’t. Past life memories could be emerging and you may feel your sometimes not in the right place, but you are. A past life regression could bring the answers your looking for. It can confirm and release past issues for this life. Xx

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