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Reading September 29th 2021

Working with your lower Chakras can really benefit you. Only you can make a difference to your own well-being.

You don’t always have to meditate to heal yourself. If you wear certain colours and it can still balance the body. The colours we wear intuitively enter the psychic mind and seep down to the parts of the body that needs them.

Today your being guided to work with red. The base chakra which can make you feel more secure. It can heighten your instincts and bring well-being and security.

Working with orange can make your emotions more positive. Give you more energy and open up your creative mind.

When putting the two colours together it can deepen your understanding. Awaken your awareness and allow you

to evaluate yourself, others or situations much better.

Also eating different colours, can have a benefit on the body and mind. Everything we eat feeds the soul. Give it the right food.
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1 Comment

Oct 01, 2021

Thank you for these words of wisdom 🙏

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