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Reading September 15th 2021

Today’s reading is showing that you need to look after your inner you. This is because your physical body effects your spiritual body.

Please watch what you eat if your body is sensitive. The food you eat can change your natural vibration inside the body. When negative,

it can upset your lower intestine, bowls and lower back, sometimes the legs and feel. This can throw your energy and your spiritual vibration will feel sluggish.

It is time to be compassionate by caring and being gentle with yourself. Allow your own natural empathy to flow with yourself and gain an understanding of what you need. Accept any changes you need to make to help you maintain your own natural vibration.

Example” If I eat to much sugar I might get brain fog, if this happens I use a detox tea with a slice of lemon. I try never to eat a lot of sugar, but sometimes we all need to indulge“. xx

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