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Reading November 18th 2021

Don’t give up on life and your dreams because you may have been going through a grieving process. It is a time of cleaning and healing and with a slow process you can overcome your emotional setbacks. Time to let some tears flow and even if you find this difficult please let them out.

Your prayers will be answered as there are miracles coming. There are also small encouraging signs showing you that life is good in many ways. The timing coming up is between November and February, so keep going and look at any setbacks as part of your learning process.

February is when you can finally feel blessed and live some of the life you really want.

Little tip, To help you cleans Your Aura and help the positive changes.

If you drink herbal TEA in tea bag form. Put one or two in your bath water as it can help to clean you. It can help you feel healed and more balanced. Try this once a week .

Also if you have detox, calming, sleep or any other types of tea you can also bath with them. If you can consume it then it should be safe in the bath water.

Please remember to throw them in a bin not to go down the toilet.

Blessings and love to you xx

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Nov 19, 2021

Thank you for the tea tip in a bath!! Never thought of doing that! Just need to get a bath now. Thank you x 😀🙏💗


Thankyou xx

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