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Reading November 11th 2021

Today is a day where we are surrounded by grief for the ones who gave their lives for our freedom. Even if your not aware of the feelings of grieving you will be tuning in to the emotions of it.

It’s time to make some big emotional changes. You may have been struggling lately and thinking to much about negative situations. Tears may have been flowing and self judgment could pull you down. Please try not to isolate yourself more than you have to.

This is the last remnants of the past that you’ve been letting go of. Accept what you can’t change, like the past. No one can go back and relive the past, but you can now start to move forward.

YOU have the support you need even if your lonely. Look for the spiritual signs that are trying to support you. You are surrounded by the loving healing of spirit and all you have to do is ask them to help you restore your strength, stamina, self love and passions.

Place your hands over your heart and breath. Give yourself permission to live a full life. You can start to see the little gifts around you. Self love is the first step. This is Freedom.

Love and blessings to you. Xx

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May you have a lovely day filled with calmness, love and reflection. Xx

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Thankyou xx

Me gusta

11 nov 2021

Thank you 🙏💕

Me gusta
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