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Reading March 6th 2022

This reading is asking you to look deeply within your subconscious mind. If your worried about a number of issues, then you are being reminded that you have the answers.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and we forget each individual problem and end up with one big subconscious stress issue.

Break each problem down and ask yourself what each solution could be.

The truth will come to you, even if you don’t like the answer because that is what you need to know. None of us really like the truth if it’s not what we want to hear.

You have spirit friends that are willing to help you, but they won’t talk in your ear encase they frighten you.

They will come through your dreams and give you messages, signs and guidance. Don’t be scared to open your true heart because they need your transparency. To see through to your soul so they can give you options.

Before going to sleep, say out loud

“ Dear loving spirit friends, protect me while I sleep and guide me to what I need to know. Help me to see the truth so I can move forward, find security and be happy, Amen“.

Blessings to you xx

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