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Reading March 19th 2022

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Oonagh - Easy does it!

This card is reminding you that you have made a great commitment in some way. You worry about the development of the earth or the people around you Or other important issues. The relationship that you have put so much time in to. The learning and training you have done. It may not seem to be a vast commitment, but it is.

You feel things so deeply that it can hurt sometimes but, that’s how you know your commitment will succeed.

Don't rush into life but, take your time. Slow and steady progress is needed. Ease into any new phase and slowly let go of those things you have out grown. Steady progress will happen and you will stay in control of what’s important to you.

Give yourself the same commitment as you do to other things and you will find that deep passion will pay you dividends. Time to invest in yourself now, your learning, development and growth. If you don’t put yourself first the rest of life will seem to be a waist of time. Xx

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